Give monthly wine deliveries to the wine lover in your life.

No matter the occasion or the kind of wine drinker, Society is a tailored wine adventure for all.

One perfect gift, many fun benefits

Applejack Wine Society Membership isn't just a box of wine. It's a personalized wine adventure.
The Power of Choice
The Power of Choice
We hand-select personalized boxes of wines to match the styles you love.
Beer Tasting Box Gift
Tasting Experience
Get tasting notes and vineyard information for every single wine.
Over 200 breweries
Explore 6,000+ Wines
Seamlessly navigate Applejack's huge selection of wines to find what's right for you.

Choose your membership level


Choose Specialist if your recipient is a casual wine lover. They're easy to please and prefer not to think too much about what's going in their glass. They believe wine is fun and meant to be drank!

1 Month
Give 1 month of our Specialist membership.

3 Months
Give 3 months of our Specialist membership.

6 Months
Give 6 months of our Specialist membership.

12 Months
Give 12 months of our Specialist membership.


Choose Aficionado if your recipient is a thoughtful wine explorer whose willing to spend a little more to delve into nicer wines. For them, every bottle is an intriguing adventure!

1 Month
Give 1 month of our Aficionado membership.

3 Months
Give 3 months of our Aficianado membership.


Choose Connoisseur if your recipient could moonlight as sommeliers. They know fine wine and relish the incomparable experience of uncorking the finest bottles.

1 Month
Give 1 month of our Connoisseur membership.

3 Months
Give 3 months of our Connoisseur membership.

How Society Works

This is what your gift recipient will experience.
Choose Your Styles

Choose Your Styles

When you sign up, you choose the styles of wine you want to receive. Only want big bold reds? Dry Rosé? Want a mix?

Build Your Box

Build Your Box

Add the wine you want to your box anytime! You'll get an email & SMS preview of our recommendations 24 hours before we deliver so you can make any last minute changes you want.

Wine Time!

Wine Time!

Your custom box of world-class wines will arrive at your front door. Please be sure that someone 21+ will be home to receive your box of delicious vino!

Why Gift Society?


Unlike other wine subscriptions, we match the wine to the person. Whether they only drink one style or prefer to mix things up, you're sure to be giving them only wines they'll actually love.


Whether you want to go for 1 month or 1 year, or need to pause your subscription at any time, Society never locks you in. Cancel anytime, no worries!


Society is more than just a box of wine. By surprising them with Society membership, you're giving them a personalized gift that they'll enjoy over and over, sharing with friends, and for as long as you want.

Applejack Wine Society

Society is your personal wine shopper.

No more wasting time agonizing over bottles in the wine aisle. Society does the research to match your tastes to the highest quality wines while negotiating the lowest price deals exclusively for members.

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